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    Tales from the (Filipino) Dark Side

    Admin Tomzki
    Admin Tomzki

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    Tales from the (Filipino) Dark Side

    Post  Admin Tomzki on Sat May 25, 2013 7:46 pm

    Perhaps the best example of the melding of old and new Filipino culture through the ghost story is the celebrity ghost story. When Filipinos find out that weird stuff happens to popular or famous people, it only adds to the veracity of the tale.

    Take for example the tale of Andrea Torres, the lead star of GMA-7’s “Sana Ay Ikaw na Nga” remake. Torres started her career as the host of the now-defunct youth-oriented TV show called “Ka-Blog!” For its Halloween episode, the production crew shot scenes at an old building where, Torres claims, she heard voices talking in Korean or Vietnamese (she wasn’t sure). Interestingly, the only people in the old building were the staff and crew, and they didn’t hear the voices.

    Or this spooky story from singer Sheree:

    “It all started when I rented a place. It was just me and my yaya. I was surprised because the unit was cheap even if it was in a nice area, so I signed the lease for three years. During the first three days of my stay, I noticed that I was having bad dreams. I dreamt of weird characters like the queen and king in the deck of cards, a person without a head and ugly dwarfs. They asked me what my name was. I ignored it and thought maybe I was just tired from taping because at that time I was so busy with my shows and tapings.
    But then it started happening almost every night. Then, I saw this black long-haired man standing in front of me with red eyes.

    Another time, a friend from Cebu stayed at my place overnight. I again had the same dream. So I woke up and at the edge of the bed, I saw this dark man standing there. A few minutes later, my friend woke up saying she had a nightmare where she saw this black man standing at the edge of the bed.

    In another incident, my yaya woke up with half her face being black and blue like someone had beaten her up. She said that when she woke up, she accidentally hit her face on the edge of the wall. I thought that was impossible because the wall is way too far from her bed. I asked her to go home and rest. The night she left, I heard someone crying from her room. I thought it was our neighbor, then I found out from the security guard that our neighbor had left for Canada.

    I decided to have the house blessed. I put a crucifix in the middle of the house just as the priest had told me. The scariest thing happened the next morning I woke up and saw that the hands of Jesus in the crucifix were broken and that the cross had been turned upside down. I was so scared that I decided to look for another unit where I could transfer.

    But things became worse. Delivery boys kept bringing five gallons of bottled water, saying that I had ordered them. But I had not called them! Then one time, my road manager and I were talking when we heard the gas oven being turned on.

    I had a lot more scary experiences in that place. My best friend Odessa took a picture the night before I moved to another unit. When I checked the photo, I saw that someone else had joined the picture-taking, There was this figure standing in the back with big eyes and an open mouth, and covering his face like it was scared by the camera flash. I locked all the doors and we ran off.

    The following day, the day I was leaving the unit, we were woken up by the banging on our door. It was so loud, as if someone was kicking and trying to break down the door. Then when the guards opened the door, nobody was there. That was the last day. I’m never going back to that unit ever again.”

    Sometimes, the story isn’t an outright ghost story but a tale of strange and sometimes threatening situation.
    Model Solenn Heussaff, host of “Fashbook,” has had close calls that were scary in themselves. The first was at a shoot for a product endorsement. From out of nowhere, a huge piece of metal almost fell on her and would certainly have caused serious injury if she had not moved away just seconds before the metal piece fell.

    At another shoot for her show, huge lights came crashing on the chair that she had just vacated because she had to go the bathroom. Solenn is hoping that she would be as lucky should another perilous experience happen to her.

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