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    The Imp story

    Admin Tomzki
    Admin Tomzki

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    The Imp story

    Post  Admin Tomzki on Sat Jun 22, 2013 3:42 am

    These two things must have happened to me around the time when I was four or five.  Even though they are a little foggy now, twenty five years later, for many of my young years they were burned into my memory.  I used to sleep alone in my room…I had a bunk bed but slept on the bottom. My mom had a large iron desk in the room. Attached to the desk was a florescent light on a swivel arm that I always left on – and was allowed to do so because apparently I was terrified of the dark.  This makes me wonder if there are other things I don’t remember from that age.   When the following things happened, not only was the light on, but I believe that I was fully awake.
    One night in the corner of the room I saw a green mist near an electrical outlet.  It was transparent and just sort of hung in the air, undulating slowly. I remember staring at it for a really long time.  This maybe happened one night before I fell asleep.  I remember telling my mom about it and she said something to the effect of it being an optical illusion. But I don’t know how…
    It might be useful to mention at this point that my mother practiced witchcraft.  I don’t mean that she was of the wiccan religion – I mean she supposedly used to cast spells, hold seances, summon things and put curses on people.  She had quite a collection of books with goat skulls and such on the cover.  Most of this happened before I was born or when I was very young, but my sister who is ten years older than me told me about lots of these things over the years.  In another entry, I will go into more depth about my mother and the stories I heard about her from other family members.  The reason why I’m mentioning this now is because her practices may have had something to do with what seems like an abnormal amount of activity in the house I grew up in.
    The other thing that I remember from this time period is a lot more terrifying. It seems to me that I must have been sleeping, and then I woke up in the middle of the night to see…what I can best describe as a black imp. It was sitting cross-legged under the desk where the chair usually goes – just staring at me and smiling. I remember it being about the size of a human, but since I was just a little guy at the time, it was probably about as big as I was. It was completely black, hairless and naked with little black horns.  I didn’t notice any genitals, but I probably wasn’t looking for them either. It just kept sitting there, cross-legged, smiling at me.  I felt like I was paralyzed by fear.  All I could do was stare back at it, unwilling to call for help from across the house.  At some point, I must have drifted back into sleep, despite the sheer terror I was experiencing.  I specifically remember never mentioning this to my mother out of fear that it would reappear if I talked about it.

    Wood carving depicting an old woman feeding imp-like creatures.
    Much, much later – probably when I was about 14 or so, I was startled to find, hanging on the wall in my mother’s sewing area a little wooden plaque.  Written on the top was the word “Scorpio.”  My whole family except for my dad are either Scorpios or Libra/Scorpio cusps.   There was a little poem underneath the title… and a picture of the same little imp that I saw all those years before. This was like a sketch etched in wood.  In the picture, it was sitting cross-legged and had a great big smile on its face.

    I’m willing to accept the possibility that both of these instances were dreams and that I was never awake. There’s also the possibility that I had seen this wooden plaque and the image stuck with me and reemerged in a dream. But this plaque was hanging pretty high on a wall in a very inconspicuous place, which is why I probably didn’t notice it until I was much older. I would also add that other people have claimed to see similar green mists, including adults. In fact, in the world of paranormal believers this is actually referred to as ectoplasm.  Dreams or reality, these memories are the most distinct from that time in my life… and they were only the beginning of a long string of paranormal experiences in that house.

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